Just call me Andy Arsehol

Welcome to my “unusual” homepage. Im Stephen. Yeh yeh, (Im unique like everybody else. Boring) So what’s a better way to let people know you better by making a bunch of silly list that doesnt make sense 😛

So why make a list website?

Well I do this mostly for me. I think its fun and it feels comforting (just like when some people place their LP collections in alphabetical order).Its good to have for nostalgic reasons and to help me with my lousy memory. But the most important is that it makes me strive to try new things all the time and set goals.
I’ve been having all these lists spreaded around from different hardwares, desktop, website Listology etc and now im putting them all in one place. Here! Now sharing it to ya guys, girls and even trannys.

So feel free to leave a comment, props, diss, whatever on my posts if you feel that I left out something on my list or better yet write down your own top list.

As for now, (try to) enjoy! 🙂

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  1. ChrisStowes says:

    great job, man

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